The simple answer is... why not?

If the last six years of riding together has taught us anything, it's that we rarely back down from insane challenges of scooter proportions. Having been described as "ridiculous" by nearly every person we've met along our scooter travels, it should come to no surprise that following through on ridiculous ideas is ~95% of what we're about. So again, why NOT ride our scooters across America?

The first whispers about the Scooter Cannonball Run began drifting in from "Skwirly," our friend North of the border in Vancouver, BC. Connoisseur of fine explosives & member of the "Worst Scooter Club Ever,Skwirly's 2014 Cannonball bid ended just 20 miles from the starting line with a holed-piston on his vintage P-Series frankenstein Vespa. Undeterred by this seemingly divine intervention, the Cannonball seed was planted in our tiny brains.

In short, the Scooter Cannonball Run just feels like the next absurd, illogical thing for us to confront on two [small] wheels. Most folks probably wouldn't choose a scooter as their mode of transportation across America for 11 days, but that's what makes us ridiculous.

Like we've always said... life is too short to take yourself seriously

Garden City Scooter Rally, 2014 -- Victoria, BC

Garden City Scooter Rally, 2014 -- Victoria, BC


Between our "Red-Eye Runs" (midnight-to-sunrise rides), S.A.M.R.O.D. (scoot-around-Mt-Rainier-in-one-day), #Winter1K challenges (1,000 miles between Nov. 1 - Jan. 1) with several wide-open-throttle trips to Eastern WashingtonPortlandBellingham and Canada; we'd like to believe that we've been in training for the #SCBR for years. 



A spin-off of the road bicycle challenge "R.A.M.R.O.D." (Ride Around Mt Rainier in One Day), S.A.M.R.O.D. closes our PNW summers with some of the most scenic motorcycle roads in the entire state of Washington.


An annual charity drive collecting backpacks & supplies for Safe Place in Everett, WA, the Soldiers of Destiny have donated more than 300 backpacks and $4,000+ over two years of #BigHeartsAndBackpacks.


It's simple: kickstands up at midnight & don't stop riding until the sun comes up. 


Combining our love of scooting, beers, and shellfish -- Shuck & Scoot is the annual Spring rally organized by the Soldiers of Destiny SC.


Soldiers of Destiny @ "Mad Max Fury Rides Rally" 2015, Victoria B.C.

#SantasOfDestiny take to the streets of Seattle for #Santarchy2014.

Soldiers of Destiny @ "Garden City Scooter Rally" 2014, Victoria B.C.

Soldiers of Destiny timelapse ride from Bellingham to Seattle, 2014.